First of all, Bridestory is a resourceful wedding market place where you can meet more than 20.000 vendors, and choose the right vendors to your wedding. No matter where you live, whatever your budget, you can rely on Bridestory to find the vendor you are looking for. Our mission is to bridge, or in many ways, marry vendors in Bridestory and engaged couples alike, connecting the two parties together in a single wedding event.

Secondly, Bridestory offers you wedding payment solution, Bridestory Pay. By using Bridestory Pay you can get more benefits, such as: 

  • 0% Credit Card Installment up to 24 months from more than 15 leading banks in Indonesia
  • More payment options
  • Easy & secure payment.

Lastly, Bridestory will also give personal vendor recommendation based on your personal preferences (such as wedding budget and locations). Read more than 10.000+ trusted reviews from previous clients about a vendor's to help you determined which vendors meet your criteria. If you are not sure which theme suits your wedding, more than 10 million wedding inspirations will also help you to find the right one for you.

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