To maintain the quality of each profile, Bridestory has some requirements before processing your profile to the publishing approval:

  1. Please verify your mobile number (if you would like to use a landline number, please inform us your number so we can verify it manually from system)
  2. Upload your business profile picture based on this requirements
  3. Upload your wedding projects (portfolio) refer to Bridestory's Project Guideline. In this case, please note that you have to upload relevant wedding projects (album) minimum 5 works (photos) per each project or 2 videos per each project. One project can cater up to 50 works, so feel free to upload as many as possible to bring more attractions into your profile.
  4. Upload min.3 products of your business on Bridestory "Store". 

Publishing will be processed within 2x24 business hours. Should you have concern or question in this matter, please contact us at

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