Bridestory strictly prohibits tagging yourself or other vendors in the wedding picture(s) or project(s) that you/they did not participate in. This is a violation of our terms & conditions and is considered abusive to other vendors who actually didn't participate in your project.

To be fair to other wedding vendors, we maintain a strict 2-violation policy:

  1. On your 1st violation, you will receive a warning via email and our customer support team will call you. We will then assist you to un-tag the vendors that didn't participate in your project
  2. On your 2nd violation, you will be banned and your account will be permanently disabled from Bridestory platform. If you are a paying vendor, we will not refund your payment.

Considering the hefty consequences, please be respectful of your fellow wedding vendors. Should you accidentally tag yourself in the pictures you were not a part of, we will ask your cooperation to remove it before it is considered as an abuse.

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