Real weddings. We accept all kinds of weddings, including ballroom receptions, destination weddings, intimate celebrations at home, even elopements! We also love seeing other wedding-related events and cultural processions.

Pre-wedding/engagement sessions. From pre-wedding photo shoots in faraway countries in glamorous dresses to casual strolls around the city, the kinds of engagement sessions we love come in many different styles.

Below are some elements we're always keen on when accepting wedding submissions.

Something old, something new
Is your wedding the classic, charming one with twinkling lights, flowers, a romantic ball-gown, and a grand ballroom? Or is it the modern type with clean, simple, and streamlined designs? We love to have a harmonious balance so whichever yours may be, do send it our way and tell us all about it.

Out-of-the-ordinary details
Think your wedding has something other weddings don't have? Or something that makes it so interesting and personal? Well, then we'd like to see it! Whether it's an unconventional dress, handmade wedding favors, or a daring color palette, nuptials that offer something new and inspiring will easily capture our hearts.

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