Tip #1: Add some personality and style
To us, a feature-worthy wedding should reflect the two of you as a couple, and not just be a bunch of clich├ęd or trending elements all jumbled into one. Remember, details matter. Include elements that make your wedding look like a personal celebration instead of a template.

Tip #2: Follow our submission guidelines
We've made our blog submission process super simple and easy! Once you've clicked our "Feature Your Wedding" banner on The Bridestory Blog page, you'll be asked to fill in some details about your wedding and upload your wedding photos.

Tip #3: Wow us with your love story
Tell us about the love story that brought the two of you together. Every couple is unique and each of them must have their own history. You can tell us about the life-changing proposal, the memorable first date, or the silly quirks you both have. A wedding submission that comes with a story becomes so much more attractive and engaging, so be sure to drop a few sweet words along with your wedding pictures.

Tip #4: Select good pictures
We can't stress enough about how important this point is for your wedding submission. Your wedding photos should be clean, focused, and come from your professional wedding photographer. Every photo should be at least 800 pixels wide, and we happily accept high-resolutions images.
One crucial thing is to always handpick your images. Choose images that can tell us a story about how your wedding day went, from beginning to end. Every real wedding should be relatable for our readers, so make sure to include plenty of details shots of your dress, decorations, invitations, and other beautiful wedding elements you've lovingly prepared.

Tip #5: Credit your vendors properly
Always, always credit all wedding vendors who took part in your wedding. When you submit your wedding to The Bridestory Blog, you'll be able to credit all your wedding vendors and tag the ones who are on Bridestory. This way, our readers can easily contact your vendors for their very own nuptials.
That's it, you're now ready to submit your real wedding to The Bridestory Blog! As we receive plenty of wedding submissions every day, we need a maximum of one week to approve or reject your submission and then around one or two months to publish it. Good luck!

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